Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fun-tastic time in Northern Ireland

A month of working in Bradley's was nothing but FUN FUN FUN! 

I can't fathom their good deeds and toleration, teaching me stuffs from head to toe.

The beautiful Bradley's Pharmacy plate 

The dispensary, well part of the dispensary

OTC products

And moooooooore

Other household items, baby napkins, etc etc, fragrance counter..

And the ever professional Consultation room

(I've got DeJavu, did I post this post up before? Or something similar?)


Anyway, from the great, kind and loving people of Springtown Bradley's Pharmacy.

With a photo album full of memories. 

My little note to them reads: 

On my first arrival to NI, it has been a thrilling and exciting experience in which I would regard it as an educational vacation trip. A month time frame was rather short, but truly enriching with the amount of work and knowledge I’d gained. It didn’t take long for me to bond with the Springtown ‘family’ because everyone was amiable, hospitable and merry. It wasn’t a structured summer placement conducted but I had learnt and covered every aspect that is essential.

As far as my working experience are listed, I have done a 2 week placement in a private retail pharmacy back in Malaysia during my 1st year where it was a good kick start to my future career. I also went for a pilot placement in a surgery for 2 days in Nottingham, where the aim is to access multiprofessional involvement in the healthcare industry.

My work placement in Bradley’s Pharmacy gave me new insights on the difference of the system practiced in different countries. There were only minor differences observed ie. Coding of product dispensed, between the UK and NI. However, in Malaysia, pharmacist are yet to be part of a recognised profession in the healthcare industry as doctors are given the rights to prescribe and dispense medicines altogether.

In Bradley’s Pharmacy, lead on by a group of dedicated and conscientious staffs,  I’ve had hands on acquaintance on OTC medicines, dispensing, drug register (both prescription and controlled drug), extemporaneous preparation, stock count, minor ailment and smoking cessation scheme, prescription labelling, tray dispensing, work at the till, and serving customers. Learning bits and pieces of each work tasks had given me the ‘taste’ of the tasks and responsibility of a pharmacist.

This work placement has been absolute and prepared me well in being a pre-registration trainee in a year time. Nothing could be more pleasant than working in a peppy environment with a group of amusing and entertaining people but yet serious and dedicated to their work when you’re working from 9 to 6.

Special thanks to Mr Liam for giving me this opportunity. Thanks to Deborah and Connor for tutoring and teaching me, Barbara and Jane for answering my every questions and doubts in the dispensary and also for the lift every morning, Tracey and family for inviting me to her place and bringing me in and about, and nonetheless Paula, Geraldine, Annette, Janine and the other shop assistants too.

It has been a really enriching and knowledgeable trip to Northern Ireland. Jubilee!

I mean it, truly, deeply. 

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