Friday, 9 July 2010

Not a place I want to be

Week 1 in High Wycombe Hospital

Monday - Had a brief induction with the Voluntary Officer before I was sent down to the Pharmacy department. The lead pharmacist became the tour guide, bringing me and another integrated pharmacist in and around the hospital. Then I spend the rest of the day in the dispensary looking at validation of prescription (mostly TTO and Outpatient). It was seriously a total mess up for me with the stages of validation, labelling and dispensing and finalising the checkout. And in the validation process itself, I think the pharmacist has just opened 165898340103435 files and folders to confirm a prescription. That's not only it, sometimes, she/he had to bleep up the doctor to confirm whether is this the drug the doctor want to prescribe, etc etc. Well, obviously not doctor only, sometimes even nursing homes, retail pharmacy, healthcare centre, surgery, etc. Whatever you call it. Not only was I just standing and observing, I ONLY STAND AND OBSERVE. Yes, that's it for the whole afternoon. Look, see, look, see.

How much more boring could that be?


Tuesday - Done ward round in MAU (Medical Assessment Unit) where I did learn more things, like looking up a patient medical chart, check the dose and frequency and type of medication, reorder and stock up medications should it be insufficient, checking the BNF once in a while to firm some matters. After lunch, it was dispensary. Dispensing, labelling and controlled drugs. I would say NHS is as troublesome as troublesome could be. Non-formulary, unlicensed, etc. etc. etc. and that's for simple medication like Pantoprazole. Goodness, so much restriction. What's wrong with having all the medicines on formulary? Had a few rounds LOOKING at them labelling and dispensing before I went over and feed the robot with medicines.

The robot is super duper cool!


Wednesday - Went over to Stokes Mandeville Hospital. Had a morning session with the paediatric pharmacist and had a walk round the neonatal and children ward. It was really nice to look at small little children but yet, sad to see them being in hospital. Pre-mature babies are just so tiny. Like really really tiny, I don't think I can handle. Then I went on to distribution from which I was 'transferred' to George to.....pick up stock? Then had a walk to the renal unit, to......count stock? Back to the pharmacy, did procurement on ordering stocks, etc etc.

I freaking hell don't know why do I need to know about distribution and procurement. All I do is just stand and look. And listen. What turf.


Thursday - I went on the MAU wards again with the ward pharmacist and a pre-reg pharmacist who had taught me a lot. He went through the medical chart slowly and carefully. A pace which I, a beginner myself, can keep up with. I know the pharmacist are busy but just tune down a little so that I can catch up, is that too hard? I'm here to learn anyway, not just SHADOWING. Went on to the surgical ward, or more specifically, antibiotic ward round with Breda where we look at patients who are on antibiotics and rationalize whether was it appropriate, and if not, intervention should be done. Had a short meeting with the microbiologist where discussion on appropriateness is brought up more thoroughly.

Wasn't bad. At least I learned slightly more things today.


Friday - Went on ward round with the surgical pharmacist in the surgical ward and on TPN rounds. She was good! She had all the details in her head and told me what I should have know, asking me questions now and then (which makes myself looks dumb cause I fumbled and hesitated on my answers at times). I can be surgical pharmacist already! Well, just kidding. Far far away from that. Was in the dispensary in the afternoon where someone seriously pissed me off. I was scheduled to be on clinical trials and I wanted to ask to person in charge what's in for me to do. I waved in front of her and she said, "Don't wave in front of me.." and SWOOOSH...away she goes. Well, there was a slight turmoil in the pharmacy earlier and as the dispensary pharmacist, she was responsible. But WTF, just answer me at least. Think you very high position now is it..wait a few more years, I might be giving you a presentation on my product called "BITCH".

Oh gosh, a week of unhappiness just ended. One more week to go.


Saturday & Sunday - Will be just walking around the city and maybe Bicester Village if time permits.


I felt like I'm in AIMST here.

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