Thursday, 22 July 2010

Flowers drowned

This post is full of flowers, plants and whatever green and colourful. =D

This plant's from Japan. Kawaii no? My favourite of all 

The greenhouse at the back lawn.

Aunty Shirley and Uncle Jimmy = )

Me & Uncle Jimmy

Me & Aunty Shirley

The beautiful back lawn. I like. 

And now the compilation of the different flowers I found.

Well, obviously I'm flower dumb but the 2 flower I can surely remember would be the Lavender and Rose.
Girls' all time favourites no? Uh well, the rose I mean. 

And then we have the brush-like red plant, and apple trees, and a pink rose. 

Urm, I only know the tomato plant. But I like the clover-like plant. Although it usually grow as weeds, it'll be clover to me until I see the real one.

And they has grapes! And pepper! And own vegetables! And edamame!
So awesome right!

And all the above - Not known to my library of knowledge. But they're still beautiful as ever.
The upside down flower looks cute =P

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