Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Bye UK, Hi Malaysia

Well, I had had a lot of food since I came back but didn't really took pictures of each and every one. Well, when you see food, at the first instance, you eat. Not take pictures. So well, this was the only one I got to take pictures of. 

Sarawak Noodles House in Setapak.

Wine noodle mee sua soup. 
I highly recommend this. FIVE STARS.

Dry Spicy Sarawak noodle.
Well, wasn't up to my expectation. It was more to sweet and sour than SPICY.

And the red bean freeze. : )

There many other more noodles on the menu. So pick your choice.


Weekends with family.

Me and Grandmum
(Poor her, swollen infected eye)
But was she fascinated when I showed her the front camera and she saw herself! : D

Sister - Stephanie
Just a few inches taller. It's alright.

Mummy - Jessie
Always claim to be my elder sister. Chieh.

And nonetheless, myself with my new haircut. 


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