Saturday, 10 July 2010

6days, 144hours, 8640minutes, 518400seconds more to go

It's the weekend so HOORAH!! Well, minus the H and RAH, add a B and lots of O behind.

Had a stroll along the city and, well, it was...a sunny and warm day.

With the weather making me all sweaty and sticky, I decided to just enter the shopping mall. 

Chilterns Shopping

Eden Shopping Centre

-Yeap, that wraps it all up-
What a city. Nottingham still feels like home to me.

My room is filthy infested with spiders. Ugh. I've seen 5 so far, and 2 are dead. One stays in the tiny area between the table and the wall while the 2 other..I don't know where it is.

The one below is DEAD. RIP. 

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