Sunday, 31 January 2010

Manchester #2 - Walk walk find food

It's a pain in the ass when it comes to food-decision making cause we take a whole lot of decision making time to decide what to eat and that is sure enough unproductive. But what to do. That's how we are. We can't decide fast enough. We just don't know how. So we lingered around here and there deciding which one to dine-in and we're already too hungry to think. But we still have to think. Can you imagine how hard it is?

Well, that's us. :D

I donno how to read chinese la, so whatever chinese restaurant this is sure looks grand but the price accompaniment is more or less a good friend of EXUBERANT either and there's not much crowd inside. 


While waiting outside the grand restaurant, can still take random photos. -.-

And the many other shops around. Which is when you come to it ain't that much.

And more of others.

Got Thai food also! Ah, I miss the super duper hot until you burn your tongue Thai chilli powder!

Red Hot also got.

But we settled in at Fu's at last. The shop is not recognisable and the signboard is so small I didn't actually realize there's a restaurant in there. I thought notice board or what. See see..the crowd inside, FULL HOUSE! Confirm not bad :)

Then decision-making again. We choose, you choose, they choose, I choose, together chai-chai choose :D

#1 YongChau Fried Rice 
#2 Salted fried squid 
#3 YeeMee?

#4 CharSiu SiewYok 
#5 Singapore style fried bihun (This's the worst here, Singapore style where got curry powder one.)
#6 Spicy seafood fried rice 

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