Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Dublin Kilmainham Gaol Prison

The Kilmainham Gaol Prison
or Museum..practically cause they refurbished the prison and thus, it's a museum cum prison now :D

It's about the balance...balance.

Dublin in the 18th Century..

We started off our journey in a dark underground path. As in quite dark. Cause got light.

And this is the new wing of the prison. So very the cantik like 3 storey hotel lobby.

See, I never bluff one. Really beautiful. But I think this is like for those corporate criminals. Well, higher class you say. So stay higher class prison.
(Ah, this brings me back to Prison Break. Wentworth Miller!!  :D )

This room belongs to a lady who I forgot what story it is already but she painted Madonna and Baby Jesus on the wall. Quite the beautiful but quite the eerie also. The wind blowing from the room when I peek in was so damn freaking CHILLY. My eyeballs was about to freeze.

And then we continue walking to the older part of the prison. For the non-corporates. What sad case. Got discrimination in the prison somemore. 

This is where they hang the criminals. Ugh, when you stand there it give the creeps out of you. can feel some lost soul wandering. SERIOUS.

Give you second picture. Can feel?

Then of cause they have to teach the prisoners some good values and to repent. So then, the chapel. 

At this chamber, there was once a prisoner who so loved the love of his life actually asked the authority to let him married her and the ceremony was held here, at this attic. How sweet right?

And we went to the worst part of the prison. Like really bad. What word is bad-der than bad?

This's where they (prisoner) spend their last minute of their life before they were executed. Makes me feel like dying when I think how these people lived.

Then we went outside to the execution ground. Cold, breezy, empty, sandy, wall-y. And a flag pole.

Some corporate prisoner was executed here and that's why the cross was there.

And....yes! We visited the Kilmainham Gaol :)


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