Friday, 5 February 2010

Dim Sum @ Chinatown Manchester

We've been craving for DimSum almost crazily. And we ate crazily. Well, almost quite crazily. We stuffed ourselves so full that it lasted almost the whole day so much so I can skip dinner. And we paid only 5 pound 60 each. :)

Tai Wu

Dumpling, Porridge (which tastes blant..Msia one still the best), Pau and the others I don't know what : D

The top left one was NICE with their fat juicy prawn, SuiGao, SiuMai, CheeCheongFun and others I don't what again..

WuKok, then the white one with very nice 'chap' (sauce) oozing out, Egg tarts, and mango pudding and coconut smtg smtg for dessert

Eat until 'bau-bau'..My stomach is happy :)

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