Thursday, 25 February 2010

©Debisque® I copyright-ed!

Everyone's wondering what the heck is 'DEBISQUE'.

You wanna know what it means? Right, let me first tell you how it came along. I was signing up and registering for something and bla bla bla...and I came to my profile page, and as usual I needed to type a personal message (which is not necessarily required but well, let's just say I 'necessasarize' it)

And so I typed, ' I'm rather debisque, OK, I don't even know what that means'.
And everyone came bombarding me with 'What does debisque means?', 'Have you figured out what it means now?', etc etc etc..

And weird answer I got back from someone was: - 
'Debisque means some immigrants so you had better removed it from your profile'

LAME      -.-      LAME

I googled them up and I couldn't find it's antonym or synonym so where in the world did the fella dug up the significant meaning of debisque as immigrants? 

Since no one knows what it means, and I'm the first to came with this, I shall 'dictionarize' it. Debisque means.............

(I don't know YET. But I now copyright it.)

by Josephine Wong Yunn Shyuan

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  It is a nice word isn't it?                      

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