Sunday, 14 February 2010

Chor Yat Steamboat

Since we can't be celebrating Chinese New Year with our families back in Malaysia, at least we still make an effort to make ourselves feel more at home. 

STEAMBOAT! (with rice cooker..what to do, don't have the proper steamboat wok)

We have seafood :D
(Lala, Sotong, Squid, Squid again, and prawns that shrink enormously!)

Tofu, Fishball and the mushroom thingy

Whole plate of tofu, fishballs, etc etc

Sambal ikan bilis

Cause we had extra of minced meat, we fried them up and tsktsk, it tastes soooooooo good! 

Konyaku stuff WTF hard like wire

Dumplings we made ourself. Mashitta ~

Thanks to QiHua parents, we have had YEESANG!!!! nom nom nom nom =X

And 'Cha Yip Tan' (Herbal Egg) 

Super duper yummylicious drumstick like your saliva can drool   = p

Hohohoho..And a game of poker on this very auspicious day

Still we can't finish up all the food despite having 12 people around. You know you can't waste food right? 

So keep it for tomorrow's lunch or dinner :D

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