Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Goodness Guinness!

When you're in Dublin, drink like the Dublin-ians do. Guinness AHOY! 

Into the storehouse, we walked looking around at how they processed and stuff. Quite the irrelevant but as a whole, it's a once in a lifetime experience, so why not? :D
(Oh this is the gate outside..)

It's the Guinness Fermentation Plant with loads of stuffs on their processing and milling and crushing and....the list goes on and you won't be bothered cause I don't.
The barrels

And we play-play make star shape

Watching their LCD TVs. So many, don't know which one to look at.

OK la. Got 6 only. Not that many after all. :P

Got free tasting session of Guinness (the freshest Guinness I've ever had) in the tasting lab.

And the few posters to tell you consumers how good Guinness is.
(White nice also what. Got white one?)

Uhm...yea, nothing comes near to those I had in the tasting lab. SERIOUSLY. You've had to have it FRESHLY brewed. 

I pray to GOD to make me this. Well, at least somewhere near.

The ticket. ELEVEN EURO OK!

Up on the highest floor, the Gravity Bar (fuh, name cool like what)

Cheers to a cup of Guinness :)

Only 3 Guinness and others had lemonade -.-

MMMmmmm..I has drink Guinness and I love it!

Us 8

And their souvenir shop

Cheers to the Home of Guinness, DUBLIN!

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