Friday, 5 February 2010

Manchester #3 Giraffe

What turf, so beautiful a place!

Packed with tons of people 

and there is the famous (or maybe not..maybe a little...)
Giraffe Cafe

There's only one thing which brought us here. Their stirrer. Giraffe stirrer. 

So we were exhausted after walking like a whole day and we sat down thinking which drink comes with the cute stirrer. 
So Mei Kee went and ask the waiter, "Does this drink come with the stirrer?", "Can I choose the colour?"....and the waiter went, "Well, we'll sort it out for yer.."

And so we ordered some smoothie while Karlai and Bing order 'Frazen' mocha (frozen mocha). Then they 'yer' hundred times cause their drink no stirrer. Lols..

Other ordered smoothies and Mr Khoo so clever ordered 'Orange Giddy Giraffe'. Not once, TWICE. The waiter went, "Yeah yeah, Giddy giraffe..". We can't stop laughing with WaiXin's 'Orange Giddy Giraffe'. Hahahaha!!Look at the Menu yourself and you'll know why.

                                       Mango Mama                                        Groovy Muesli Smoothie

And the legendary 'Orange' Giddy Giraffe

This on the left of cause would be Rocky Road Ice Cream Sundae Shake with a Friend! :S
Name long like what...but I like :)

Then later they went and grab like a handful of colourful stirrers and the handsome waiter said," These are for kids.." (Aduih...paiseh..)

But aren't they cute? :D

Do you know what sound does a giraffe make?
HAHAHAHHAHA..take a guess..

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