Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I tripped..TWICE and they're not my day

Once bitten twice shy. Famous quote for well, someone being embarrassed or done something humiliating or being tricked whatever and never repented, somehow went and repeated the same action? Lols..

Well, in this case, I won't say it's pretty much of once bitten twice shy but more of once fall, avoid stairs. Well, maybe twice then. I don't know what unlucky stairs is that that made me tripped over twice TWICE at the same spot. Like the SAME spot! On two consecutive days! It not only stupefy me but what's the logic man. I can't think about one.

The story goes like this..

Well, as lazy people we are, we refuse to take the 4 flight staircase and insisted on taking the escalator. For like since September 2009. Only on certain occasion where maybe we're really rushing and the damn lift doesn't come only are we forced to take the stairs. Otherwise, staircase is almost FORBIDDEN.

So yesterday, me actually climbed the stairs particular reason. Like I just turned and said 'adieu' to the escalator. I was like why the hell am I taking the stairs? And when I was about to say 'Guai Seong San' (directly translated as ghost enter body, else better known as possessed) should it happen that I tripped. Before I was about to say 'Guai', I was like and I tripped. But was lucky enough that I'm unhurt. Embarrassed like what. 

Second time was today where it really isn't my day. I walked to the bus stand and I was a meter away from the hopper bus when I heard 'VVrrroommmm' and the bus left. So I went WTF and I walked. After walking for like 3 minutes, I saw the next hopper bus. What turf. Since I lazy to walk back there cause I 'dulan' the bus, I walked all the way to Medical School. I was already late so I ignored the escalator and took the stairs. Which is where and when I PK-ed for the 2nd time. SAME SPOT. SAME STAIRS. And this time I had this.

OUCH. And it's on my right hand!

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