Sunday, 7 February 2010

OMG I'm already 22! and 12 days old..

If 21 is bad enough, 22 is worst. As in REALLY REALLY bad. Not much of the age literally, more to, how I look like.

First, I was so hype after bathing but everyone was half dead and all went to bed. Leaving me emo by myself so I took Bing's Sudoku and played till my lids droop. So I went to bed, looked outside and then I forgot what happened. I was sleeping and it's 1 smtg-ish in the morning when the bunch of monkeys played with make-ups on my face. And came up with a lit birthday cake.

Elibody (OK, maybe not elibody la..) looks horribly terrible when they go to bed or just get up from bed. Bad bad bad could it be having make-up drawn on the face and being half asleep and not knowing what's happening. TERRIBLE 22. BAD 22.

George Street George Street. There's a reason why we're called that. :D

That's not all. Back in Spindles, I finished bathing and wrapped my hair round in a turban with face mask on in 3 patches when they came and sing 'Happy Birthday' and took pictures. HORRENDOUS 22.

But all in all, I want to thank all the monkeys for everything, and my 2nd bottle of Fresh Blossom! :D

To the left - My 2nd bottle of Fresh Blossom, To the right - My first bottle of DKNY from Calvin :)

Me Birthday Card which I personally chose indirectly :D

Also thanks to all the cake makers (CP, KenWan, KiatYin) for the lemon full cream cheese cake! No wonder I added 2.6kg. Just for that. Just for that. 


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