Wednesday, 24 February 2010

CNY in the club

I've not been to many but I definitely love ULTRA!Gatecrasher. It's seriously a club, and no doubt it is. 

Unfortunately, the ambience and what we're celebrating for isn't much that compelling with some lousy to the max beat without continuous rhythm for dancing. 

Oh, this was just for the one night! (Blame it on the DJ!) It might or could be good some other nights! Can't wait for 2nd time round :D  

Us on the floor 

Ahaha, sorry ah kinky lady, macam lar I stranggle you a bit!

And believe it or not! Everyone attended! But suppose it's the first and the last for few of them...

I'm not the shortest here OK! I wore flats and they wore heels!

Loves <3

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