Monday, 15 February 2010

'Tuen yuen fan' aka Reunion dinner

Chinese New Year Eve night @ Pink Wing

Bing, Jojo, Clementine, SherLeen, Michele

Steamed fish! You know how bloody hard is it to get a whole fish like this in UK?

Super big 'kiam' meatball. SALLLTEE!! 

Garlic Prawn if I'm not mistaken. Not bad but still..not the best 

Super 'kiam' salted chicken like really really salty! I think salt to them is pretty cheap. 

And..haha!! This's their YeeSang. Raw salmon and donno what meat. Well, it has it's own feel to it compared to the traditional we have back home. I'd say, "Not bad!"

There's also soup which I suppose is the cheapest dish here cuz they keep refilling the bowl for us non-stop.

Was that already 8 dishes? NO. There was 8. I forgot what else there is.
Also there was a big bowl of rice.

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