Thursday, 25 February 2010

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WanQian's Birthday at Frankie&Benny's
(Sometimes, we really need an excuse to eat at such a restaurant, or maybe to even eat out)

Well, for those who don't know, the portion of a serving here is humongous! It's not typical Asian appetite where you ordered a bowl/ plate and you gobble everything down alone. Here, you SHARE. BERKONGSI.

#1 Some fish spaghetti which I don't really like cause, fish isn't my all-time-favourite

#2 Some spicy sauce penne which tastes pretty spicy despite you know, ang moh's don't quite like spicy stuff

#3 Some really really nice fried chicken which tastes like KFC and yorkshire pudding and potatoes! 
This IS nice, I like :D

#4 OK, I donno what's this and I forgot who ordered this

#5 Urhm, this's the dessert. 

Sticky toffee pancakes - Fresh sliced banana, toffee ice cream and toffee crunch sandwiched between two warm pancakes with lashings of toffee sauce

#6 Fruit platter with a candle stuck on the ice-cream for the birthday girl 

#7 I'm sorry I got everything mixed up but I'm seriously lazy to change the order so, I'll just say this's the STARTER. It's fried chicken drummets? And seriously, it's yummilicious!

Sweet chilli wings (chicken wings?) smothered in sweet chilli sauce served with celery sticks and sour cream.

#8 This is one of the STARTER too. 
Stuffed mushroom - a large flat mushroom filled with creamy goat's cheese and crispy pancetta, oven baked and served with fresh rocket and balsamic glaze

#9 I forgot the names but, hell, they do taste nice :D


A group picture with everyone in it

And one with the birthday girl

And a meal like that don't even cost me more than 10pounds. 

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