Monday, 22 February 2010

Fairy blue eyes NOT....:(

clubbing was great! :D

I get to wash my eyes millions of times if you get what I mean. HAHAHAHA! 

I was pretty frustrated while putting my make-up cause I removed my contacts thrice. Ugh, that's why I never like putting eyeliner what sort. I can't make up with the eyeshadow colour I wanted cause the colours I have are limited and I wanted to do something like this ....

So damn nice this one I'mma gonna try it next time round!

So I damn frustrated cause I don't have enough colour to make this. Then

The aftermath you won't want to know cuz I was just trying to add in and blend in whatever colour I have and...
My goose, dark blue eyeliner saved me. Eyeliner saved me. Trouble-free. Next time I don't want put eyeshadow already.

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