Tuesday, 15 July 2008

15th July 2008

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo TIRED...

yea,tat's today..looking at the computer for like..11hrs..copying and pasting name n

Forget bout that..

alrite alrite..

Last Sat worked half day..

Went for pedi n mani with aunt at bencoolen mall..first time weh!sooo nice..haha!loving it much much..(wat?!dun laugh dun laugh!!)

then Qian Hwei msn-ed me and yay!we went out in the evening..around Bugis n shop shop,i think she's now the mirror image of Hui..oh gosh,if both of them are out together,i think i'll be left with ntg at all..GIRLS spending power..jeng jeng jeng~

and then went a while to Clarke Quay..didn't stay long cuz need to catch the last train..haha!~wasted...cis cis...

Sunday my uncle had house warming in Cassia Crescent..the food was niceee!got sushi n cupcakes~!mm mm mm mm ...saliva dripping = p

n then went to T3 in Changi...well,it wasn't like what i expected it to's HUGE yea..but..seem to be a little deserted..hoho!!walk n walk n walk around till nite n went over to Ang Mo Kio' MELLBEN to eat the very very nice crab,that's smtg worth to spend!!the crab is...HUGE..MEATY..SWEET..PERFECT!!

n back home,i fall flat on the bed after bathe...TIRED n EXHAUSTED..

Monday..which was yesterday..went out with Ling n Fanny...n Ling's bro for dinner..haha!!Thanks for the meal in GARUDA yea~!
was nice meeting them..after soooo long..haha...went to Häagen-Dazs later and chatted all the way till 11 smtg...i ate..Royal Choc smtg smtg..was nice!!nyum..and it cost me $14.90...hoho!!

anyway,i fall flat too after i reach home...


got to go now!!


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