Monday, 16 June 2008

17th June 2008

Everything's well now..

Actually, i have lots of things to blog..just a matter of time..which i rarely have..but now i do..cuz im back home!!!

So first thing first..

My bro's fren were down in ipoh..some time ago..end of may...n yea,b4 they left, we manage to camwhore ourselves for memories..= )

Jan n CK, Ben2, Nie2, Me..n opss,i forgot ur name!!sorry ya..

Then,recently me,my bro n dad met up with khalilah from plus..i can tell u she's darn open..n tat makes all the difference between the malays..we ate at yogi tree in the gardens..n tat meal would!!don't wanna was nice..worth trying..

then..after my break up, i went out with wen nee n wei xiong to times..jln jln n thanks yea guys for accompanying me..without u guys,i wouldn't have hold on tat strong..we went to GASOLIN!!which was reli..urm,well!!i lurv the ambience a lot lorh!!hearts..

N then i started working in DF Pharmacy in Kajang for 2 weeks..thanks yea Jeff , Rachelle n Mr Goh for all the teachings!!n oh yeah!!the fabulous talk in one world hotel which last for 4 minutes ONLY but we get to eat a 10 course meal!!!oh,good heaven...LOL..

Me n hui went for the SIA interview in JW Marriot Hotel for cabin crew was truly an experience..tho we did not pass..= )

And a day out with ex-skul mates from beseri..nice gathering back again..

khai hua, hau, hui hui, wen nee, wei xiong and me..n kah wee..whose pic i don't have..

and happy birthday carmen darling!!hugs..

Started getting myself into the make-up business..LOL..some of my looks..

whoa, tat summarises everything from mid may till..yea,yesterday!!LOL..will be updating soon when smtg new pops up!!!


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ChoonSeong said...

Colourful life...enjoy ya...