Saturday, 22 August 2009

PC Fair

During the weekend, I was more than free-ier to work my ass off in the Ipoh PC Fair. (Personal Computer Fair I think...?!)

So I was assigned at the more than famous and well known SNS company, which somewhat is the best selling company and thus, me, the best seller. Nah, just kidding bout the last part. :P

It was my first ever 'serious' job. As in REALLY SERIOUS. REALLY one. My first ever paid job. The first job which SERIOUS. Cuz it's me myself earning those bucks. :)

First day was a lil scary but after lunch, I'm all cozed up and started talking with the staffs. Soon, I'm all good friends with them. Thanks to them who helped me promote, I got extra income on commission.

One of the people I've met, Ah Yeng. Thanks a million for promoting!!: )

Verons, same same under Microsoft but promoting for different company.

Yusliana, a way long long long lost friend which I myself don't quite remember who in MGS. (No wonder she looks familiar..)

Yennie, who's working under HP but since she stopped at SNS, she didn't want to go to the next booth cause she's all hooked up with us!!

Yeng again.

And again. Bought her a yogurt drink. : )

Since I've not meet her for a long time, it's only right to have a picture or two with her. : )

Look at my booth. Preeti awesome isn't it? The tallest, with balloons, and the headlights..


Me and Sonson.

Urm, I'm having some technical problem with my home desktop. Crap.

Part 2 will be up next!

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