Sunday, 9 August 2009

This wells up the water in my eyes

Flying off is good, and I won't give a damn excuse bout it.

But there's also a down part to this. I had to say my 'bye-byes' to my BFFs, friends that I've known throughout my 21 years and 8 months here in Malaysia, daddy, mummy, ben, nie, etc. And what's the worse that could happen?

Just the distance. Just the distance.

Sorry, emo-ing..


ws said...

16 sept ...still long ways to go la... now ad emo??? haiz..its my turn 1st b4 urs...

Josephine Wong said...

Lols. Suddenly only. I suppose everyone will. But it's not a bad idea anyway.

SL said...

er... not me..

Josephine Wong said...

u no emo?
ehem. i'm sure u DID.
I'm very very sure.:)