Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Lost World...of Tambun

The first 3 words are brilliant. Until it comes to Tambun. Anyway, it's situated in the outskirts of Tambun where The Lost World of Tambun comes into a..urm, magnificient theme park for kidults (kids and adults) in Ipoh?

I couldn't complain more. It's the next best thing I could have fun. Other than the cinemas. I took a visit there yesterday and, really, one could not expect more. It's not KL. It's not Sunway Lagoon. "I'm settling in for this stuff..", I thought.

And it was excellent weather, raining for a little while, then stop and drizzle again. The sky was cloudy. NICE. I'll save the Coppertone I bought this morning, thanks to my tanned sister. :)

So, we were inside. We went first to the kids' territory. You can't deny that's the best place. Ever. Like ever ever. And the mushies. :)

See the pirate ship? Isn't it cute or what?

Then we went extreme. To the slides. One is the normal spiralling down opened and closed tunnels, the other a boomerang shape slide. It was fun but takes the heart out of me as I've to carry the float up don't-know-how-many-flight-of-stairs. It was breath-taking.

Then we went to the erm, roundabout. Whatever it is. We circled the whole park, in the water, by leg, with waves, and leaves. And the rain poured. Great. I was freezing cold cuz the water level reached till my waist?

Then we went for the amusement park. The flying boat and flying ship. The weather, the rain, the coldness. AGAIN. But I got dried up from the swinging.

There was a sandy beach which I had to cross to reach the surf pool area. Since my toe was injured, I wouldn't risk the sand entering and sticking to my toe. So Jason was nice enough to piggy back me over. Tanquevallemud! And we swam around the area. Going back, I wanted to touch the sand, so I hoped across the sand to the concrete. I got another cut. On another leg. SHIT.

Hot spring which was oh-so-nice! The water, the temperature, the sensation. This is what I needed.

This was one hell of a experience. Once is enough. Unless you're sponsoring me there. :)

-While in the changing room-

It's the best I could get near to home!

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