Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Stockholm Day 2 Part 2

Continue on Day 2 in Stockholm.

Went over to Hard Rock Cafe after late lunch at Bakfickan.

Which to buy....Hmmm...

Choosing the right size

Dear's Hard Rock T-shirt

Since we still have time left before IceBar, we walked into some shopping mall, not sure whether it is called Gallerian or not but well, since it's brightly lit up, My guess that it should be it.

Suddenly bumped into this cute machine which sells GSL medicines (over-the-counter). Amused us for a few minutes.

And walked around while eating Gelato ice-cream.

Next up is IceBar Stockholm in Nordic Sea Hotel.
Book by phone would be 180Kronor at the door while on the spot, you'll be charged 195Kronor and be given a free glass of your choice.
My advice: Unless you're an avid fan of Absolut Vodka and you must not miss anything that's got to do with alcohol, then YES, you may come. If you're just there and wants to have it as an experience, then NO NO NO NO NO because it's not worth your money. Seriously, NO.

Because no one told us how 'HUGE' it was, we were astounded when we enter, thinking "F, this is ICEBAR?This is all?"

It's as big as my accommodation kitchen. 

There, a free glass made of ice to contain your vodka.

Nevertheless, since we already paid an exorbitant amount, we then ordered our drinks and chill around.

All donned the thick coat with gloves since it's -5 degree inside

And our night ends with chit-chatting in the room and 'Chor Di' (Big 2/ Poker).


Yee said...

if u hv asked me 1st abt ice bar i would tell u no no no no no absolutely no!

Josephine Wong said...

Ahhh! Lols, I should have. A real waste to go for that.