Sunday, 21 December 2008

22nd December 2008

Ehem..first thing first..
I hereby proudly FIRST (yes,you read it right...FIRST!!!!) ever night pyjies!!!
Don't reli look like that means i can even wear it out!!The top only i mean..and it's only for RM10..which is eventually from pasar malam of cuz!!!

i like it i like it i like it i like it i like it!!!!!!

Bought this Mini Marshies some time ago with KarLai in Balakong JJ..we shared cuz a bit pricey..That time PK dy..but still wanna eat...

First time i saw marshies that comes in such small size and..what can i say..they're adorable!!!not like those big chunky ones where you have to open your mouth big big and put it inside and etc can just pop one small one in and munch away...
Well, as the saying goes...not all NICE things comes in bulk right?!?!Small ones have their own unique-ci ci ty...(crap well..i don't know how to spell it..not even sure if there is such a word...= p)

OK,change topic...(so random...)

My mum took out her cosmetics and..holy crap..isn't that a lot..and she gave me these:-

Anyhoo, which is!?

I've tried's quite nice..well,cuz it has those shimmering you that bling look!!

I'll put on Bobbi's Brown one tomorrow..haven't try it..but it's purely, we'll see how it goes..= )

And as for today,
Right after dinner at Ipoh Swimming Club, me, dad n mum headed home..

My mum went, "okeh Jo, go wash your face..."
And miraculously, I actually went..(what's wrong..)
"Take the black mask down also kays!!!"
And I did..
And next thing...Tadah!!!

Followed by a therapy session of cucumber scrubbing and salt water face washing!!! skin a bit fairer now dy...hehe!!!

(Actually I know why i did what i did la..i know mummy's gonna do facial for, listening is good!!!!!)

And last 2 weeks when i was back home, our family expanded with 2 other doggies..

Snowy darling ...

which was later given back to the owner..she's a bit too fierce..won't even let us go near her..hmph..

This is OUR dear COCO..awww,she IS reli MIANG..100% confirm!!!

But she's still ours..hehe!!Loving her..

Ait, got to go back to my books now..till then..

p/s : 3 more days to Christmas!!!Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle bell ROCKS!!!Rudolf the red nose reindeer..

And you, What's yer favourite Christmas songs?!
I'll list mine...
korean version...

english version

Both totally awesome!!!

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