Saturday, 6 December 2008

7th December 2008

Christmas decor at The Curve..Beautilicious~!!!

After walking too much, I sat down n indulge myself (indulgelah sangat...) with agar-agar cum jelly..i would say the jelly is awesome!!!in that there are so many layers..not the taste or whatsoever...


By the way, what is Christmas like to all of you yah??!
-another holiday?!(YAY!!!)
-a day where we get lots of pressie?!(exchange prolly...)
-etc etc...

Somehow i felt Christmas this year a little different..a little more responsibility to do something more..but well,i still couldn't figure it out..shush...

Anyways, i believe everyone would be stunt-ed with those nice decors of Christmas trees and ornaments hanging around..oh ya!!!White Christmas trees are truly truly awesome!!!!ah...feels like it's snowing around..oh well..

Yeah..things wouldn't be the same as it were before..hence, dun waste time doing or not doing what u should or you should not do..(what the hell am i blabbering?!?!)

kays kays..the time now proves that i'm a little out from my normal self..going to tml..


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