Thursday, 27 May 2010


Who are Accenture?

Accenture offer business consultancy services. They could be advising clients on how they can improve their processess or enabling them to put massive strategic change programmes in place. The end product might be anything from an e-commerce website or improving an organisation's operational efficiency to an entire new IT infrastructure for a major enterprise or even a government. The variety is as great as the responsibility.

It was a great experience giving out free drinks, and people who receives them are nonetheless happy too.

I've got myself a few for a try and boy, do I feel good after drinking the Feel Good Drinks :D
 They've a variety of flavours for you to choose so pick your choice!

Orange and passion fruit on the left, orange and mango on the right

Cloudy lemon on the left, apple and blueberry on the right

They are few other more flavours like cranberry and lime, etc. etc.

Look at the table! Colourful as colourful could be.

Everything about 700-800 bottles went out in about 2hours. Pretty fast huh? 

So, get a feel good drink anytime of the day. 
Some facts about why you should feel good about these drinks:

- it constitutes 1 of your 5 a day
(well, that gives you 4 more to go)

- it's fruit! NOT sugar
(seriously, check it out!)

- drink within 3 days
(see, even more sterile than an eye drop could be)


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