Saturday, 1 May 2010

Of tachycardia and arrhythmias

Last week

Call from Northern Ireland
Interview through phone
Get back to me very very soon

Few days later...

Call from Mr Gordon
Please send me your e-mail address
Refreshes my inbox 3 times per second
No news
Check sending text to Ireland from UK
(Dang...need to add prefix of 00353 followed by the # dropping the 0 in front)
Send again
Wait and refreshes inbox many many times I lost count
New MAIL! Sender: Mr Gordon
Pray Pray Pray

"......I would like to offer you a Pre-registration training place for next year in one of our shops......"


Mr Gordon

I heart you a million thousand times! You just brightened up my day with what I never thought was possible and one that I had prayed hard for. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

And most importantly, thank God for answering my prayer and for showing me that you, had never once leave and was there working your way into things. You are the most wonderful of the wonderful-lest!

Thanks also to everyone who had lend a helping hand in prayer. Pastor back home, church members, friends, family. You are part of why I am where I am today.

I believe nothing is impossible now and that one wouldn't succeed without hard work. It pays to work hard. It does.


*Wants to break the news to daddy and mummy and ben and nie but they're in Taiwan..*