Sunday, 9 May 2010

"Charlie's Angels"

Yesterday was practically the last day of the term I'll be volunteering at Save The Children Shop.

I'ld just summarize things up here.
1) All workers in the shop are volunteers (How noble..)
2) Despite doing the same old thing for at least half a year, I've really learned a lot
3) It isn't very much about the money whatsoever, it's the spirit to get worked up early Saturday morning
4) We get to see what's nice first and grab them before putting it up for sale : )
5) We get reimbursed for our bus fares!

We had to stay on a while longer while waiting for another volunteer to be there and Tom (the man who's been kind and nice) said, "I'll leave Charlie's Angels with you then..."

Aww, I'll surely miss you and your 'talkings'..

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