Sunday, 16 May 2010

Egg capsule

Ja-jang! QiHua first time bought something online and we're all terrified when we saw these egg capsules!

It might look like (or maybe it is) those capsules where you put like 20cents coin in the machine and turn turn turn and 'bloop', drops out your egg capsule with your anticipated toy. 

But it's not OK. It's yours truly, Hello Kitty.

I choose *after few minutes*......THIS!

Dolphin Hello Kitty

Kawaii <3

Hoodie dolphin is take-off-able :D

And...*just realized* I can actually take out Hello Kitty from it's dolphin suit

But still, suppose I still look cuter like this. 

My name is GiGi


Qihua said...


Josephine Wong said...

Yea, Gigi as in Gee-gee, not teeth la :p