Monday, 3 May 2010

$ASH tight

I was supposed to be able to say : I've been to


and Ibiza

..with the above great pictures with me in it. But, Mr/Madam Eyjafjallajokull erupted coincidently 2 days before my flight. And how cool is that.

According to plan, the wind would blow over the 

Dark nasty dangerous ashes

to UK and it's dangerous for Mr Pilot to navigate as such

Problem #1 - Flights cancelled
Problem #2 - Refund processes
Problem #3 - If they don't quickly process my refund, my bank account is gonna be dry and empty soon!

So RyanAir, please be more efficient. How hard is it to process a refund.

Ibiza hotel cancelled and within next 2 days, I've got my refund.
Barcelona hotel one has been refunded but with the increased currency exchange rate, a little loss and the other one had to fill in a form on IBAN and don't know what stuff.

I just need the $$$. Please credit it back ASAP.


On the other hand, I'm curious about a large item which was not delivered to me but to my letter box. I didn't even hear the door bell so Mr Postman, you did not do your job well.


And it's 


Whoa, I can't wait to wear and flowery flowery dresses :)

But FYI, the weather nowadays a bit koo-koo. 

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