Sunday, 16 October 2011

What's up folks?

Hiya, I know I've been late but better late than never! So you must be thinking what happened to my 8 days dead blog hm?

Oh well, it's just been really busy. Really tiring. Really stressed. And all the bullshits happening all at once.

So I was away for my 2-study day at St Albans. I've never woke up this early, 5.30am since I was standard 6 to reach Birmingham and car pool with my other friends to St Albans in time for the first session at 9.30am. What I did in the car? SLEEP. ALL THE WAY. So we arrived, had our study, and by the end of the day, we check in and to my surprise, everyone gets a room to themselves!

I've never ever ever ever had such a big room to myself so you can imagine how ecstatic I was!

See that air-conditioner? I actually had it on at 20 degree, despite it being quite cold outside, because I miss having air-conditioner. I hid myself well under the thick duvet anyway =) 

My friends and I actually went bowling after dinner and it was great fun! She renamed us all to male names, Vincent, Rob, Richie, Peter and me Jack for Jackie Chan. (Lols, was I proud for him!)

Relaxing on me bed at the end of the day

It was a fun 1 day night stay but a tiring journey on the road.


On another very random note, or maybe not quite, I mentioned I went to the saloon in my previous post. And yeah, I've got a straight cut behind.

No comment but since I've not got weird or bad feedback from people, I guess it looks alright.


Strawberry chocolate cupcake by Linda Tan

Linda it was yummydelifingerlicking-licious!
Thank you!


My eyeliner has been stagnant at its position for quite some time so I just fiddled around with it since I haven't been drawing on my eyes for quite some time.



I attended a harvest supper today and it was a very nice experience. And very jolly too! Oh what great people I've met. Can't wait for church tomorroooooooow! God bless you all.


The four randomly inserted post after the main one above is just slotted in because I'm a little lazy to write a new post and because there's nothing much to talk about my cut hair, a cupcake and my eyeliner right?

Yeap, so that's it.

I'm still very alive except that my soul is telling me it's not getting enough rest.
Am I talking rubbish?

Oh well..
Bye bye folks!

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