Wednesday, 5 October 2011

When I grow up..

Haven't you had that perfect dream of becoming what you want to be in your childhood days? You know, HANDSOME pilot, PRETTY air hostess, TALL AND SLIM model, PLAYS INSTRUMENT (piano) mozart or bach or shumann, NICE VOICE singer, etc etc. The only reason the bold letters are because without those, it doesn't really matters what follows behind.

-Don't bluff, I know you do-

I had the random-est occupation I actually wrote down when I was seven. Before that, I was the typical kid who wants to be a professional, rich, and looked highly upon doctor in profession. And I had police (I don't even know why, but I think because I can hold baton and hand cuffs). And I had singer (actually my voice isn't that bad, just that it's not singers level). And I had air hostess and model (buey pai seh). Back to the random one, it was postman (How in the world...). Well, I guess I really enjoyed taking letters from the postman when I was little. It's the joy of getting a letter with your name on it! Oh delivering happiness!

However, I'm not far tracked from the list I've got. I'm a training pharmacist (which is a professional job), I have to guard people coming in on drug dependence prescription (which is some sort of a police part-time job), I do sing at home in front of my laptop (Infinite, TVXQ, etc), I do fashion show in my room in front of my long mirror on clothes I bought (modelling lahh for my own pleasure!), and er, I serve myself dinner everyday in my seat (air hostess right!)

So what's your wildest dream? Have you achieved it? Are in you the process of achieving it? Or are you a hundred millions kilometer away from it?

When you can't help but think that you fail miserably, think twice as positively and you'll see you're on the right track.

ps: I'm even excited now whenever I get a letter through the post box for me! Don't underestimate what postman do OK! Postwoman as well!

Through thick and thin, cold and hot, snow or no snow, wind or no wind, rain or no rain, I shall deliver em' letters!

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