Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Korea?Taiwan?Japan?Africa?China?Thailand?Maldives?You name it, they got it

FOC face painting only at Matta Fair. Well, I know it looks crazy but, it's something new. You'll make heads turn, and that's cool.

I did mine on the face, same goes to my sister and dad. Brother did it on his arm while mummy did it near her elbow. : )

Ceh, sister show off her butterfly tattoo.

Tsk tsk..I don't know how to describe..It's just cool to walk around like that.

Ah!! I painted this flower one too on my hand.. :)

Woohooo, we pose with Zakumi first before 2010 comes. : )

This's Zakumi painted on my brother's arm

The artist who painted for us. So cun right she?

Take 2.

Me and Zakumi.

I know I'll lose but just let me hold the ball a moment could you?!
Ugh, don't gimme that face!

I hadn't took much picture around except for the last hall where Japan and Korea and Taiwan are there.


I don't know what monument is this but since it's in the middle of the road, might as well just snap a photo of it.

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