Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I've never thought that I would, or maybe should visit my grandaunts. As in my grandpa sisters.

And so, it had been such a journey to see them. Although it's the very first time I've met them, we catch up really fast and you know, the blood runs. : )

First is Aunty #5 ('mui ku', that's what my dad call her)

Playing around the door.

Daddy, Grandaunt, Uncle Ronnie

Family with Grandaunt.

Next, we adjourned to Aunty #2 ('seh ku')

Gate open only, 4 cars inside.

All 2727. Cun or not?



His name is Spikey.

Isn't he cute?

So adorable.

Let me bring you into the interior of the house.

Swimming is outside.

This's near the dining area. Probably where they drink wine and beers.

This's where you sit if you watch children swimming, in the house, under the shade.

The bar. The fridge is stocked up 2 months drink supply..Adequate!

Dining table.

Wine chiller.

Some example of wine collection.





This's where the rich tai-tai's drink their tea and coffee.


1st living hall

2nd living hall

Grand piano babeh~

Office room



dexson said...

walauehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... u got such rich aunt ??!!! omg..

Josephine Wong said...

Lols, I also didn't know until that day. :)