Saturday, 19 September 2009


So, here I am in Nottingham UK. It was spectacular (well, everything is for the very first time) for everything. Except for the airport part where queueing takes 2 hours and I freaking forget to hold my x-ray in my hand. Well, even if I do, I still don't have my medical report. What the crap. That takes me another extra hour queueing up for the Health Control and getting an X-ray done.

Then, well, my luggage. Two big bulk large suites weighing 41.6kg. A big back pack which I think would weigh 2kg.

But well, everything's settled and here I am walking around Nottingham.

This is Beeston. Beeston is kinda big. Or huge. Well, I didn't get lost cause I was only walking down one street back and forth. After some time, I think I'll know it at my fingertip.

Some shops along the street.

The number is important here. Food emergency I'll just dial up the number. : )
(Well, that's the purpose of this picture actually..)

Floral shop. Very cute right? But I see some stalk of flowers selling at 1pound each. Crazy you ask? Well, yes to me.

British Heart Foundation. Enuf said.

The billboard or some sort outside a bar. It's so colourful that I had to take a picture with it. Got artistic drawings and decoration somemore.

Eheehe..Michael Schumacher is there!

Whoa, this one inside all sell meat. See also scared. But gonna pay it a visit tomorrow to check on the price compared to the normal marts.

A grocery store 'Serving Beeston for over 100 years!'

Greggs bakery shop.

Random picture with the house of my choice.

Me and Qi Hua

LiPing, Jojo, QiHua, MeiKee....

WaiXin and KarLai adding into the family..

Ah!!!In UK right, you'll see lots of this kind or motor generated scooter or whatever it is, some is for the senior citizen, some for the disabled and well, some healthy people would take advantage of it too! Maybe in this case, shelter from the sun and the surrounding heat and the energy to walk.

We chilled around the campus greenery area on our way back.

Beautiful right?




#4 (My fav!)




#8 The couple

#9 is again :)



and cherries..:)


KahLing said...

Lol. Welcome to UK babe!! Told you to get ur xray done! haha. enjoy the good weather while it lasts!

SL said...

eh... ur coat in the picture is nice..

Josephine Wong said...

Ling :

Haha!!I forgot and left it in my luggage!!Darn..
The weather is so niceeeee now..: )

SL: My coat? Nice leh. From PDI one. :)

SL said...

from PDI..??
i bring u get one from burberry.. wear d as pretty as Emma Watson... lol..

Josephine Wong said...

burberry?lols...if it's worth the pounds, no probs..: )