Friday, 18 September 2009

Departure time

Pre-night before leaving at Concorde

With me mummy darling..

With daddy darling..

With NieNie muaxie!

At the airport...

Tata SonSon!

Of cause a family picture is essential..

And I will always miss you all. Far in sight, but near in mind right?
God Bless This Family

And my high school mate, Billy, thanks for sending me off. It's been long since I last met you and you showed up right before I leave. Miss ya!

And not forgetting Dexson, you will be remembered..:)

And also my BFFs, Hui and Carmen, and their mates Bryan and Jason, catch up with you guys when I'm back alright!? Miss ya all and God bless.

It sounds weird. I posted the arrival first, and the departure later. But it doesn't matter right?

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