Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Market Square

This's practically just a square in the middle which is quite the spacious. But not very. So it comes in like...(calculating.....)...(still calculating...) some pretty square feet. : )

Got some big fountain spaces at one end where small children do take that as..their swimming pool (or so I think?)

This dad is so cool. Lols. Swinging his daughter up and up.

And this group of girls are crazy! It was sooooo cold and chilly outside and...Sorry, I forgot it's NORMAL for them. My problem.

Both Wai Xin and Qi Hua's birthday is in September and we were unable to celebrate for them in Malaysia. So we did it in Market Square!

They shouting "Wo Ai Ni!" to each other across the "pool".

The birthday couple

And we went in Starbucks cause it was chilling outside and we didn't want to squat near the fountain eating the cakes.

Gracious. Starbucks Frap! With chocolate cake. What else more can I ask?

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