Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Big Wheel's

is at Nottingham. It's somewhere on the upper road of Market Square. Splendid on the outside. I do judge something which I first see.

Just walking distance from the Angel Row bus-stop.

Look right and we saw Robin Hood bush sculpture. Look left, (erm, I forgot what's there..).

As we entered the castle, more specifically the compound of the castle, we met two tall green fellas. As in those striking green colour outfits bling bling type.

So we walked up the road again, and we saw a real Robin Hood. :)

And we walked up again, and we snap some more photos on the way up.

Reaching up, there's a big Luminarium but it's closed for entrance since we're late. Well, we make a U-turn and walked up the castle instead. (Everything closes even before the sun sets..)

It was awesome in the castle. Though I wouldn't say it's very very much the awesome as compared to Malaysia Kuala Kangsar Kellie's Castle. Nottingham Castle has been refurbished and beautify that it doens't look much castle-feel to me than it is.

There's a lot of kiddies attraction here such as this, bubble cycling? Well, the bubbles are so cute and the girl was pedalling the machine like.."I want more Bubbles!!BUbbles!!Bubbless!!"

And then we entered the...

I don't know what is it here but I just took pictures inside where I'm not supposed to. So, these pictures are privileged. You might get caught if you wanna take the next time!

Noah's Ark.

The museum from the outside. Majestic.

And some very deep stuffs which I don't care to understand after reading it once.

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