Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Korea's Baby & JUMP

Well, if there's nothing better else to do, you might as well keep your butt stick to the chair at the performance stage where tons of performance are arranged (well, it really depends if you really want to see each and every single performance..)

As in a very rock aunty singing Hokkien song and 'Rasa Sayang eh~' in a rock mode, slow moving dancing and pointy fingers by the Thais, or the best ever Koreans team performance.

First it was SJ B-Boys.

Performing on-stage.

Oh man, his popping and locking is cool.

Yoo hoo..


Now comes the hilarious JUMP team.



Come on..: )

Oh, master said, " OOOhhh...handsome guy ni da..Come, come, come.."

Deh..handsome guy win..

Striking pose!

Tee-hee..old master dropped his stick..

Them in action..

My Privileged. So privileged.

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