Sunday, 13 September 2009

State 9

State 9 or properly known as Negeri Sembilan is quite a place, as in....I don't know what to say. It made me speechless. It represents serenity.

The place I stayed, Palm Springs Resort. Well, generally it was booked under a time sharing basis. So, you won't know what to expect of your room, etc etc.

We stopped by Seremban for a snack preview. Or should I say, makan time. There are speciality in every state you go, so this is ought to be one of it!

We had Hainan Chicken Rice at one of the hawker centres which is the best I've ever eaten in my whole entire life! (ok lah, at least from my 21 years of experience..) But still, it's the best.

Then the Seremban Siew Pau. I bought from Kee Mei, though I think it's not the best. It was just along the way so I just hop down and grab a few.

Then we adjourned to Port Dickson, which there's nothing else you could do except for water activities. Or would you rather fly kite? Both will do. By the time we reach PD, it is buka puasa time and what else, I also go flock the bazaar, finding my favourite ondeh-ondeh, but to no avail.

So, practically, there's nothing more to do other than lying on the bed. I played computer games, and applied face mask. (Pathetic I know..)

Okeh, so here's my itinerary of walking into the room. Or apartment. Or condo. Whatever.

1. Spacious dining place and kitchen. Whoa, got nice carpet somemore. Aircool circulation, plus a scenery of man-made lake outside.

2. Walk up the spiral staircase. The parquet flooring right, you step once, it sticks to your foot. Then you have to adjust it back like jigsaw puzzle to the original place one.

3. Don't have closet to put the towels in, so just leave it on the drawer desk. Convenient, no need open closet ma. :)

4. Masterbed room, and they give you another extra fold able bed.

5. This room's the best! Just right behind the wall are two air-cond compressors. Natural wooom-woommm-woooomm music for you when you sleep at night. Vibrate you to sleep also. Guarantee wake up tomorrow, you'll knock your head on the wall.

6. This room not that bad also, got a door to a balcony but no lock. Any guest?

What says me?
7. I don't like it HERE!

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