Monday, 28 September 2009

My Treasure

This was some weeks ago and I think now it's down the bowl. But still, I had it and I'm bout to show you some of my other treasures. : )

Strawberry : )

Love-shaped one. Kawaii-des...

Ah, my stack of strawies! I will buy you again this week!!

£1.20 for each (5 bars in each..) I think it's pretty worth the pound.

Oh, this one free gift from Freshers's Fayre. : )

Bought these from 99p shop. The hot chocolate bluff people one. Open only left half a bottle.

Quakers porridge £1.50, cereal £1.43 (I think..), Kellogg's bar (6 for £1.50), Walkers (3 big packets for £2.00)

Famous Amos cookies from Malaysia, Roasted salted peanut @27p and Toblerones at 66p each.

(Now you see it..)

Now you don't! storage of food in cases of hungry deprivation, hunger strike, stomach growling, etc etc.

This post was some time ago. And now I have more stuffs added to my stock.

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