Friday, 26 March 2010

Banzai @ Nottingham

We hesitated to have a Japanese meal as..well, it might cost a bomb here. But we found out it wasn't that expensive so we went and had a feast!

The proportion is real big, the quality is not bad, and the environment is OK. Moderately priced (no conversion please..) at about 6pounds per bowl rice/ noodles and about 11pounds for set meals. Lols, KarLai was joking saying we could have a meal in Jogoya back in Malaysia.

So things that we each ordered :-

Me - Korean Gyu Don ( Beef in spicy Korean sauce with Japanese rice)

KarLai - Salmon Teriyaki ? or maybe not cause the gravy doesn't look Teriyaki to me..

MeiKee - She and her unagi meal

QiHua - Udon style fried don't-know-what. :D

WaiXin - Tempura Set?

It was not superb but really filling. But that's all the superbness we could find in UK. So, no complains! :)

And we played around a while. As per usual.

             QiHua ate too much...=8                   WaiXin thinks the flower is quite cute : D

                 Come have some tea please~         Ahha..thank you thank you, the flowers are beautiful ; p

Nyah-ha-ha-ha..I've got teeth-hornsss!!

Act cool 'jumcha'

Then somemore 'kampai'..(Lols..Karlai's Kampai = Ganbei!)


Last but not least, to present you...

Mr Flower Lady Udon Mee

Tsk tsk : d

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