Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Chocolatey Cupcake

You're my little cupcake, chocolatey and rich.

Makes me wanna eat it. Seriously, the chocolate damn seducing. 
'Eat me eat me..I've got mint in me too!'


And as usual, Lush products always does the job. Awesomeness I like to the max :D


Dearest Justin asked me to do this. "Write about me in your blog.."
But nonetheless, I'm willing la cause you're such a nice little kid right ;D

Tsk tsk. Mister, you've got a whole pile of clothes behind you..

Can't believe I played along with you. Hahaha! What turf, sunglasses at night -.-
(You look like China Apek!!!)

Catch ya up when I'm in Singapore then! You're so gonna bring me in and around..

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