Thursday, 18 March 2010

House Party with the Golden Triangle

It was like 1 something in the morning and Cy suddenly crazily called me over for a house drinking party. 
(Daddy, I didn't drink that much..!!) 

Angel & Muah :D

Little penguin's @ Cy's daughter

Andrew suddenly eat Domino's....-.- this's funny. He took out his passport and showed it to us, making us laugh non-stop. Why?

This IS why. He looks hideous. Tsk tsk : p

Then he kept going on and on about his passport and stuffs. This and that..blablablabla..

And again...and again and again...Seriously, his picture don't tally with his face now. NOT AT ALL. 
Turtle CY :D

Angel and Andrew

These drinkers are really something. Lols..I don't know how much they had before I came and they are still in their right mind. Cy even came out and picked me.

Gosh, Cy Cy, please don't drink that much anymore kays?
It's all for your benefit. It is.


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