Monday, 1 March 2010


is into LUSH again!

I've mentioned quite a number of times in my previous post bout LUSH, lush this and lush that..

Now, I'm gonna LUSH again :D

This time, with Catastrophe Cosmetic
It smoother the skin making it look more matte and cleansed. 

( Sorry la, am trying to show off my nails again : p )

It contains blueberry stuff in it and it smells nice~ and supposedly, it should nonetheless be purple in colour :D

HAH! I also got some free samples of other masks i.e. Sacred Truth and Cosmetic Warrior, both of which serves its purposes but I didn't like it that much. Presumably, one contains garlic which stinks to hell for me and another one was.....I even forgot what it did. Either way, I'll skipped those two and try the others such as BB SEAWEED!

(Daddy, I think I've become more like you. I am pretty good in getting free samples now. Good genes good genes, saves me money for a couple of face masks!)

And so, wait up for my BB SEAWEED review!

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