Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Penang, Here I come!

Was at Penang the other day, to savour the food which I had missed for the past year.

Mummy and her horses..

Me...taken with mummy's phone camera. SO BLUR la leng lui mother..

And so we were at our favourite hawker center in McCallister Road..Nomsss..

Daddy's 3 layer tea

My 'gu ling ping' (ais bandung)

Oyster loves 

Shark fin soup. Not sure is it original or not.

BBQ Chicken

This pizza is the best ever pizza I've ever eaten. The old couple made the pizza one by one, into a brick stove, giving us the most delicious pizza in Penang.

Pepperoni - my favourite!

Me and dearest mummy =)

Had to rush back to Ipoh early to catch mummy's train at 6.15pm.

Saying bye-bye to mummy but she's busy looking at something -.-

Ben and daddy inside the train, enjoying the air-cond.

Wrapping up, Penang trip is always the best. We get oysters, pizza, 'gu ling ping' and HIM HEANG 'tau sar pneah'!

I shall reinstate again, HIM HEANG's tau sar pneah is  the best! No other..oh, well, personal preference.

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