Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day 3 Baiyoke Sky and Jatujak

3rd day was off to Jatujak weekend market, which never fails to impress me. So much of things and bends, you'll get lost. If you see something you want, just get it else you'll not be able to find the shop again.

We sat down and have some food..Pad Thai for me!

Then this was the underground station at Jatujak. It was unbelievably empty. Well, I guess more people prefer  the warmer outside than air-cond.

Me and Nie took some photos...

She loves NY..

But my love's for London only..

But we both definitely love BANGKOK!

Walked about at a street near Baiyoke Sky, selling lots of food! The orange tangerine drink was really nice! For RM2 =)

Uncle cooking Pad Thai, nyamsssssssssssssssss....

Relaxing for some moment on the hotel bed. Oh, we shifted hotel. To Baiyoke Sky. The tallest tower building in Thailand. Despite the title, the bedroom was relatively smaller than Centre Point, the air-cond wasn't as cold, and most importantly, the is not living creature except us in the room but we have companion from little cockroach in Baiyoke Sky! YIKESSSSS!

Cute little 'Tuk-tuks'...

Our one night stay in Baiyoke Sky was a big NO for me. Well, except for the welcome drink and the revolving deck.

Wongs..mummy missing.

Here we go round, the mulberry bush Baiyoke Tower, the mulberry bush Baiyoke Tower, the mulberry bush Baiyoke Tower...

Posing against the back drop.

And again...=)

Jatujak made our day. Baiyoke Sky was not a good stay. Food is good.

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