Sunday, 26 September 2010

Class commenced!

yesterday yesterday. Finally.

Had to wake up early in the morning before to collect these books. Ugh..

Nice new BNFC

Another MEP. Dang!

Since the Mid Autumn Festival just (中秋节) passed...

there's a dire need to feast on mooncake to celebrate at least. Although not one of my favourite.

What you do on Mid-Autumn Festival:-
1. Tilt your head to the sky and look at the brightest, fullest and roundest moon in the year 
2. Carry brightly lit lanterns, release floating sky lanterns with your eternal wish or just play candles at    
    inflammable areas (Safety first!)
3. Burn incense to deities for the Buddhist 
4. Eat mooncake (There's aplenty of choices in the market now. Jelly one, snowy one, normal traditional one..)

A pretty mirage going through my mind.. =D

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 

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