Saturday, 4 September 2010


Made a one day trip down to Leicester and whoa whoa whoa..looks very much like Nottingham.
From the train station, to the streets, to the bus and to the shops.

I guess UK's implementing the 1 concept throughout the country. First was 1Liverpool, and now 1Leicester. 
1Malaysia different case. 

The new mall - HighCross
Awesome structured building. 

Leicester Market
Things are pretty cheap here. 
Bought cauliflower, cabbage and 2 asparagus for a total of 2.35pounds. 

And I saw me favourite Coffee Republic!

Mocha Cappucino one please!
Bitter but sweet enough, sweet but bitter enough.
Just the right amount - no sugar added =D

I shall say it again - it's better than any other coffee available at this moment. I mean THE BEST.

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